Fernando Seminario - Senior Web Designer | A little history…
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26 Jan A little history…

Known as the computer wizard by my friends and family, I have always been very curious about creativity, design, investing and technology (especially computers). As a young child, most of my time was spent on the computer tinkering and breaking it. Ultimately fixing it with help from Packard Bell’s technical support calls spanning multiple days sometimes. Arriving to my teenage years, I became interested in graphic design as result of a logo I had really liked. I learned Photoshop 4 and created graphics for my first web site – a music player that offered 8 songs.

Later, gaming took over my life as I became hooked on the very first Command and Conquer for days on end. Then I found myself deep in the rabbit hole with Quake 2 multiplayer. Armed with a 150 ms ping (dial up days), I joined a Canadian clan by the name of MaD, Masters at Destruction, and played competitively for a few years. My tenacious interest in gaming led me to read a lot of magazines, one of those was PC Gamer. In one of the two page spreads was Alienware showing off their Area-51 system. I looked up their company location and surprisingly their headquarters was only 10 miles from my house so at 15, I was on the phone asking if they would hire me. Now, gaming is still a big part of my life, but playing time has been significantly reduced.

When I turned 17, I attended Full Sail – Real World Education college, and obtained my Digital Media degree. I gravitated heavily towards web design and development but still enjoyed the other courses like 3D, game development, and motion graphics.

My professional experience includes different industries, mediums, and disciplines. Industry experience includes gaming, online retail, and SaaS. Disciplines have included Web Design, Web Development, UX / UI, Prototyping, Motion Graphics, Photography, and Creative Direction.

During my off time, I can be found exploring ideas for web apps, reading tutorials, or analyzing the next long-term or short-term stock trading opportunity.