Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | G8Brand Shopify Website Redesign
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About This Project

The CRISP^YHKG agency reached out to me for a web site refresh of G8brand.com. G8 Brand is a company committed to supporting the gaming community and culture as we create innovative clothing for competitive gamers. The site hadn’t been updated in many years and was in dire need of an update, especially since it was not mobile friendly. After doing research and listening to what the agency wanted to achieve the site was redesigned on Shopify. In order to accommodate the new design some Liquid scripting was needed.

In addition to web site redesign, SEO was performed for proper listing results on Google.


Shopify, Liquid, Photoshop, Atom


June 1, 2015

Web Design / Development
CrispYHKG, Liquid, Shopify