Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | VideoCheckout Rebrand
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January 15, 2016

2016, Illustrator, Invision
About This Project

Before launching the redesign of the Videocheckout website, I was given the opportunity to present a new name along with a brand. Videocheckout allows adds interactivity to videos by allowing donations or purchases without leaving the player.

After brainstorming and coming up with more than 30 names with the team, Vixel was the finalist. It was chosen for its subtle but obvious, once seen, play icon that formed between the “i” and the “x”. In addition, it played off the word “Pixel” which relates to interactive video. Also, it was short which was great.

Process involved sketching out the multiple versions of the logo on a whiteboard, then moving it to InvisionApp for collaboration, and finally polishing it in Illustrator.

Unfortunately the team ran into some legal issues with the name and it didn’t make it to launch.